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Quality condom can make your brand lasts longer, Never choose a cheap one!

We focus on produce quality condom, yes, the quality production need quality material, which means our price a little higher than others, we really lost some clients due to the price, but they are not our target clients, we only choose clients who has same idea as us, take quality as No. I concern in business, and take women healthy as No.I concern, not the profit or market share, It’s nonsense if your condom can’t protect your consumers.

Custom Condoms

Custom Condoms

Custom condoms means produce clients own label foil wrapper and own design box, own condom brand is every distributor's final solution, now we can help you make it.
Circular Foil Condoms

Circular Foil Condoms

Circular foil wrapper is total different with square wrapper, which looks premium and luxury, so welcome choose circular foil wrapper if you are a luxury brand.
Ultra Thin Condom

Ultra Thin Condom

Ultra thin condom means thinner than regular thickness of 0.06mm, only 0.04-0.05mm, which can offer more skin feeling for both partners to enjoy sexual pleasure.
Polyurethane Condom

Polyurethane Condom

Polyurethane condoms also named 001 002 003, they are thinner for skin feeling, they're more sensitive. Polyurethane also transmits heat more efficiently than latex.

Geamay Company Introduction

Geamay Latex was founded in 2015 year, located at Tangkou Industrial Park, Rencheng District, Jining City, Shandong, China, As a professional factory at natural latex rubber condom research and production, sales and service.  At the end of 2015, the natural latex rubber condom products successfully went off the dipping production line. After testing by ISO4074 standards, all condoms’ performance exceeded the domestic and foreign industry level. In July 2016, our company’s polyurethane condom obtained the European CE certification and 13485 international quality management system certification. Which is No.1  condom factory approved of PU condom’s CE, we are available to supply polyurethane condom into the EU market now.

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