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Do you know any new condoms in market? Are you interest to buy and try a new type condom for your love and protection? are you satisfied with current condom in the markets?

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Condom as a matural product, which already exist in market more than one hundred  years, the popular condom all made from natural latex, so consumers are familiar with the regular types condom, now they want something new items condoms, so they can have new feels. Many companies also invest in the new condom’s study, such as this origami condom, they try a new material, and already get Gates & Melinda Foundation’s donation in the projects.

Our company also once tried many different types condom, most of them failed due to no more demand from the market, only a few of them survive, such as the spike condom, which is our company’s star condom now, it not only can give us protection, it also can give us the stimulation from sex, it easily help female reach orgasm and touch the G spot.

As a custom condom plant, we are pleasure to custom make for your own idea new condom, new material or new shape or new size, anything is possible, we are pleasure to try for you. welcome inquiry us by email: [email protected]

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