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Polyurethane Condom

Most consumers don’t like to wear condoms, so if they have to wear it, they want choose a air thin condom, which will offer them the best sensations, so we announced the 001 002 003 series condoms for them. Polyurethane condoms are a type of condom made out of water born polyurethane, a material that is thinner, stronger, and more sensitive than the traditional latex used in most condoms current in the market. They are designed to offer the same level of protection as latex condoms, but with increased skin sensitivity that can help enhance sexual pleasure. Furthermore, they are also hypoallergenic, meaning those with latex allergies can use them without worry. People choose to use polyurethane condoms because they are more durable and feel more natural than latex condoms, allowing for more enjoyable and intimate experiences.

They are thinner and not as tight, it’s also more sensitive for consumers, what’s why it attract a certain group of consumer prefer to choose it. Polyurethane also transmits heat more efficiently than latex. So welcome contact us if you plan build own brand PU condoms, we are pleasure to custom produce for your own brand. welcome contact our sales team for exact quotations, our email: [email protected]

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