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Custom condom means we can produce clients own brand condom, own logo, own design and own instruction leaflet in own label carton box. Which will more suitable for own business promotion, this product is really easy to get public attentions, and good for social responsibility to ask more consumers use condom for self protections.

There are 2 options:
A: Print the design directly on the foil wrapper, which need MOQ 10000 Pcs, printer need charge foil setup fee us$250, and the color’s film fee us$75/color, such as 3 colors need us$75×3, the final print is exactly as the design artwork.

B: Print a sticker and put it on the blank foiled condoms, such as empty white color foil or silver foil, which only need MOQ 1000 Pcs, this way is easier to start, and the setup fee only us$100, the final effect will not so beautiful as A option.

Welcome inquiry us if you plan build own brand condoms. We are professional at private label condom’s production. Our email: [email protected]

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