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Spike Condom

This is a brand new product, a total unique innovation for condom industry. Spike condom belong to sex toy, not condom, condom belong to medical device, which need registration at FDA or ministry of health. So most clients sell it as novelty goods or sex toy, which is normal or regular goods, it not need any registration. So clients can sell it freely.

Spiked condom is easy to use and affordable for consumers, consumers can wear it as normal condoms, which also can prevent the HIV and unwanted pregnancy, so it’s a best combination of condom and sex toy, which can stimulate female easily to G spot and orgasm. So consumers can enjoy sexual pleasure and protection at same time.

And we also can custom produce clients own brand spike condom, you also can choose which types spike condom or let our engineers study a new type spike condom for you. Welcome inquiry us to make your own brand spike condoms, or if you has any new ideas, we also pleasure to work for you, our email: [email protected]

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