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Funky Condoms will make anyone laugh! These are the perfect gift, gag, or joke for friends, family, and loved ones. welcome inquiry us to make your own shape or figure funny condoms.

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Features Funky condom’s Specification
Brand Private label in own brands or logo
Special features Funky condom is also fun and humorous condoms! These make the perfect gift and are sure to make your friends laugh. Life is not easy for anyone, why choose boring, a lot fun waiting for you.

We are happy to make the funky condom for you, offer the world more fun and smiles, then we will happy too.

Type plain, dotted, ribbed, contoured,ultra thin, large size,small size, and so on, all types condom can used as funky condom production.
Shape Cylinder
Texture smooth or textured
Color natural,colored
Flavor Unflavored or custom flavor
Material latex or polyurethane material
Thickness 0.03-0.06 mm
Width/Length  49-55mm, 160-190mm
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welcome inquiry us to custom make your own funky condom, or your new ideas on fun condoms, or the condom package also is possible, such as we can produce the lollipop packed condoms, or the key ring condoms.

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