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Ultra thin condom

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Ultra thin condom

Ultra thin condom is thinner than regular thickness condom of 0.06mm, it’s only 0.03-0.04 mm, and our polyurethane condom can lower to 0.01-0.02mm, which isn’t the latex material, so the thin condom can offer more skin feeling for both partners.

Ultra thin condoms are designed to be thinner than the average condom thickness, providing a more pleasurable skin touch experience for both partners. The thinness of the ultra-thin condom increases sensation and sensitivity without sacrificing protection. Many people choose to use ultra-thin condoms because they feel more natural in love, allowing them to focus on sexual pleasure instead of worrying about protection. Additionally, the thinness gives couples a greater sense of skin intimacy when using them in sex.

All the ultra thin condoms also passed the electronically testing, so consumers can use it freely and enjoy the love without any worry. welcome email us to make your own logo ultra thin condoms, our email: [email protected]

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