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Shandong Geamay Latex Technology Co., Ltd,  founded in 2015, located at Tangkou Industrial Park, Rencheng District, Jining City Shandong Province, China. Which is professional at natural latex rubber condom research and the development, production, sales and after service.  At the end of 2015, the quality natural latex rubber condom and polyurethane condom products successfully approved by European notify body. After testing, the product performance exceeded the domestic (GB7544) and foreign industry level (ISO 4074) .

In July 2016, the company’s products obtained the European CE certification and 13485 international quality management system certification. At the end of 2016, 003 series product independently developed by the company came off the condom production line. At the end of 2017, the company’s self-developed natural latex rubber condom 002 product successfully off the condom production line. The latex production technological level leads the world in latex industry. Esp the polyurethane material products, which is the first and brand new condom in market, and our company build own polyurethane material producing facility, which no need import, it make us has huge advantage in the condom industry.

We have advanced business philosophy, the most responsible engineering team, they are the leader of China’s condom industry research and development, we are committed to creating international well-known national latex production company. We firmly believe that as long as we take the market as the guide, take the innovation as the motive force, and strive for the survival by the quality, so we can produce quality and new innovation condoms enter into the global market.

Sincerely hope our quality condom can protect more and more consumers, and make them enjoy the love freely.


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