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characteristics of polyurethane condoms


Recent years polyurethane condom is a super star now, more and more consumers prefer to choose it. let’s make a detailed study of it, following are the features of our polyurethane condoms, which will tell us why so many consumers like to use it as their protection.

Ultra-thin: Polyurethane materials can make it thinner than traditional latex condoms. The measured actual thickness is about 0.02-0.03mm. Its surface is thin and smooth.

Latex allergy friendly: Polyurethane condoms are latex free and avoid the risk of allergic reaction. It’s ideal for people with latex allergies.

Higher Strength: Polyurethane is stronger than regular latex, making it less likely to break.

Odorless: Polyurethane condoms are odor-free.

Better Heat Transfer: Offers a warmer, more natural feel against the skin.  Polyurethane Condoms Transform Your Body Heat better.

Durability: Long shelf life of up to 5 years, resists degradation under proper storage.

Greater Transparency: More transparent than latex.

Oil-Based Lube Compatible: Can be used with oil-based lubricants, adding versatility.

Compared to traditional latex condoms, these premium features command a higher price point, allowing your brand to penetrate the high-value market.

Our expectation is to elevate your brand increased profitability with the product that stands out in quality and innovation.

We are look forward to exploring new market opportunities with you. Please feel free to contact our team for collaboration details and samples. As a private label condom supplier, And our team also can custom make it in your own label package, such as own logo foil wrapper or buttercup, own logo box or display box and cartons also in your own logos.

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