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Finger Condoms for Foreplay and safer sex


What are finger condoms for? Finger condoms add an extra layer of excitement and protection to your foreplay activities. They not only use for vaginal sex, which also can used in anal sex protection. Finger condoms, also known as finger cots, are made of premium natural rubber latex. They come with natural color, also can be customized with other different colors. Wear finger cots can prevent fingernails from scratching women’s private parts and can maintain hygiene and prevent infections.

Specification of Finger Condoms:

Width: 28±2mm

Length: 80mm

Thickness: 0.06±0.01mm

Color: transparent

Flavor: non-flavor or flavored

Lubricant: silicone-based or water-based

Packing: 1pc buttercup

As a professional condom manufacturer, we can produce finger condoms with clients’own brand. MOQ 100,000pcs. If you’re interest in doing it, welcome contact us.

Email: [email protected]

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