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stylish buttercup condoms

stylish buttercup condoms

Features Specifications Brand stylish buttercup condoms Special features Buttercup condoms come in a stylish individual package. Condoms with stylish buttercup package is an exceptional promotional product. This product not only will capture the attention of your audience but will generate an exponential effect on the market. Type natural condoms Shape straight/anatomic Texture smooth/textured Color natural/colored Flavor Unflavored/flavored Material top quality …

buttercup condom wrappers

buttercup condom wrappers

Features Specifications Brand OEM brand/Private Label Condom Special features Buttercup condoms, also named blister condoms, bowl condoms.  This jelly cup package makes your brand condom remarkable and attracting among so many condom brands.   It is easy to open. Inside with the high quality ultra thin lubricated condoms which gives people the skin feelings. Type ultra thin Shape straight Texture smooth …

Custom Buttercup Condom Wrappers is New Generation package

Buttercup Condoms are the same high quality natural latex rubber condoms that you have come to know and love. Which looks luxury and premium in appearance, so most brand tend to choose it in their product range, which will increase their brand’s quality level in consumer’s mind. Packaged in easy to open, no-tear buttercup containers for your added convenience. Buttercup …

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