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is condom business profitable?


When we first time tell friends our company produce condom, they always shocked at me, and then they will reply to us your boss will earn so much money. This is a misunderstanding of us, this business really not so profitable for us. we also has enough competition, and also many new player join this competition, so each company need has their own advantage to survive, maybe we can has some profit, we also need to invest into the new product innovation, or we will lose market and lose the competition.

Every industry not so easy as strangers see, No matter produce condom or sell condom, no matter sell on street shop, or sell online shop, every market is full of competition, that means higher profit rate is impossible, every business come into a reasonable and low profit period now.

Frankly we don’t reommend you enter into this industry if you don’t have any experience, only if you plan invest life long time and huge funds to build a brand new brand for consumers, or if you has own know how or a practical patent which really has new function for consumers.


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