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Brand OEM Long Love Delaying Condoms
Special features Long Love condoms feature a sleek, fitted shape that’s designed to slip on easily and feel secure, while providing lots of sensation thanks to of lots of water based lube inside and out.
Type Delay Jelly Long Love condoms
Shape parallel straight shape
Texture smooth plain
Color natural
Flavor non-flavored or custom flavor according to need
Material top quality premium natural rubber latex
Thickness 0.06mm
Width/Length 52x180mm, 55x190mm
Contact [email protected],Our Long Love condoms are also about 20% thinner than the average, while still providing the same high level of protection you. Everyone likes our long love condom.

Long Love condom has perfected the art of protection! Not only do long love condoms protect against sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy; they’re also designed to enhance and improve your sex life.

Low latex scent

Fitted shape for easy-on and great feel

Thinner than standard condoms

Extra lubricated with delay jelly

Long Love condoms contain latex, a natural rubber which can cause allergic reactions. If you or your partners have an allergy to latex, try to use latex free condom. Always use a rubber compatible lube with a latex condom, water or silicone based lubes are the best choice. Never use oil-based lubricants with our long love latex condoms. Know more information to custom your private label long love condoms, please contact us. [email protected]


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