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New brand of condoms for feeling

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All our OEM Condoms are a highly affordable form of contraception.

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Features Specifications
Brand New brand of condoms for feeling
Special features Customizing OEM/ODM condoms, we produce types of condoms since from 2008 and provide the high quality.
Type plain/dotted/ribbed/contoured/flavored/colored/ultra thin/large size/small size condoms
Shape parallel straight or anatomic
Texture smooth or textrued
Color natural or colored
Flavor non-flavored or flavored
Material top quality premium natural rubber latex
Thickness 0.03-0.06mm
Width/Length  49-55mm
Contact As a condom producer, we produce all sorts of condoms which can be fun for couples to experiment with. All our OEM Condoms are a highly affordable form of contraception. If you would like to customize your own brand of condoms and as a condom factory, we would be eager to work with you. We can ship the goods worldwide. Let’s collaborate with you for the new brand of condoms project. If you need condom sample, we can send you free sample. Please contact us for more information. Email: [email protected]

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