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Condom Side Effects and disadvantage


It’s well know that condom can protect us from unwanted pregnancy and HIV/AIDS, it’s a good solution for our health and safety, just as the coin has 2 sides, the condom also has some side effects as followings:

1: Lower the sexual sensation.

Some consumers once complain to us that wear condom in sex just like wear socks in shower, this will lower their sexual feeling a lot.  And Malaysia or Thailand’s condom’s thickness at 0.075mm, the higher thickness really stops many consumers choose the condom. So some condom companies announced the ultra thin condom at 0.03-0.04mm, which will offer them more skin feeling.

2: Some consumers allergic to latex.

Most of the condom in the market are produced from natural latex, which mainly produced at Thailand and Malaysia. The good news is that latex is more elastic and soft feel for consumers, but the side effect is that some guys allergic to it. Symptoms of a reaction to latex include skin irritation, rash, hives, runny nose and difficulty breathing. There is no cure for a latex allergy. So the best way is that we avoid use latex condom if you confirm allergic to it.

So as a professional condom supplier, we recommend consumers choose the polyurethane condom if you are allergic to latex material, and which thickness only 0.01-0.03mm, only 1/3 of regular latex condom, so which also can increase the sexual feeling or sensation in sex, that’s a better alternative for consumers. Welcome inquiry us to make your own logo polyurethane condoms, our MOQ only 10000 pcs, so easy to start.

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