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Colorful flavoured condoms add the adult sexual experience making it more vibrant, colourful and exciting. And offer more romantic to love making, let's enjoy the love freely and lovely. we can custom make your own brand flavor condom at MOQ of 10000 units.

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Features Condom’s Specifications & Details
Brand Clients own brand
Special features Colorful Flavoured condoms are made in colors matching their respective flavours. Such as chocolate flavoured condoms are brown in color and banana flavored condoms are yellow in color, strawberry condoms in red colors, eggplant condoms in purple colors. Colorful flavoured condoms increase the adult sexual experience, and making it more vibrant, colourful and exciting.

The flavored condom will make love moments more romantic and lovely for your partner in bed room. that’s why more and more clients prefer to choose the condom in sexual disease protection. A good way to promote the condom use in sex relationship.   if you has any new idea of the color and flavors, welcome send for engineers study the possiblity for you, anything is possible, let’s has a try!

Type natural condoms
Shape latex shaft
Texture smooth/textured of studded/stripped/anatomic shape
Color natural/colored, popular colors are red/green/blue/purple/yellow/black
Flavor Unflavored/flavored of Vanilla, Banana, Cherry, Lemon, Strawberry, Orange , Apple , Chocolate, Mint
Material top quality premium natural rubber latex imported from Thailand or Malaysia
Thickness 0.04/0.05/0.06mm
Width/Length  49x170mm, 52*180mm, 55*190mm
Contact Email: [email protected]

As one of the flavored condom manufacturers approved by ISO/CE/WHO, we can supply you different types of flavored condoms in different colors. welcome inquiry us by email to get more exact quotations.

We are expert of condom, you can count on us!

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