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Наша миссия: Helping more people get more protection!

Helping all worldwide people to enjoy love safely, feel good and get more protection from our condom –this mission runs throughout our history from start. This is our team why work in quality in each details, Make the world more healthy and safely is our mission in heart.

Японская фабрика презервативов, видео внутри

1996: Build the domestic condom brand (Red Cherry) and sell at China domestic market. We are one of the the earlier condom brand in China local market, durex also enter into China market at same time.

2000: Company invest us$2 M Build the first latex condom dipping line as a private owned company, it’s breaking news at that time in the latex industry, others 7 condom factories are state owned.

2003: Join the UN, WHO and USAID program and international tender. We gain many international tenders due to our stable quality and cost control system, which can save the organization’s fund and invests.

2006: Build own international sales team at Jining city, Led by Mr Sam Guo, our main markets are Europe and South America, most of the orders handled by the trading company before our own team formed. And quality condom at affordable price strategy gained more and more worldwide clients.

2008: Построить маркетинговый офис в Пекине под руководством г-на Чена, mainly sell Redcherry brand in China market, which is premium level brand and mainly sell into the drugstores.

2015: Brand new facility and come to first level in condom industry Lead by Mr Shi from a basic condom producer.

2017: Build first polyurethane condom dipping line, which is the first PU condom line in China, another line located at Japan, and got полиуретановый презерватив‘s ISO/CE certificate at same year.

2020: We started marketing own condom brand IFAN. This offer consumers a chance to reach quality condoms at affordable price. Our main sell point is the Hyaluronic acid lubricants, which is easy to wash after use, and water based lube also give consumer a smoothy feel.

2021: Improved the packing workshop and the warehouse make it up GMP standard to accept more the state and international tenders.

2022: Installed and improved the foil sealing machine by automatic uploading system, which will save half workforce and make the working more quaity control.

2023: Installed the auomatic box packing machine, which increased the effenciency in packing, it also can make the packing work more exactly.


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